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GH Armor customers experience a first-time fit rate of over 98% for custom-sized body armor. This achievement is the result of the decades of experience in design and manufaturing that the staff at GH brings to the table. It is also due to the training and support offered to our customers so they can take the right measurements in the proper manner and we can deliver the right vest the to the end user. Should you encounter any questions during the measurement process, our team is here to help.

Proper Fit and Adjustment

Concealable body armor is made to fit snug around the body so it moves with the officer. Generally, a properly fitted vest will not be the same size as other clothing a person may wear. Body armor does not fit like regular clothing, where a shirt that is slightly oversized will be more comfortable than a shirt that is slightly undersized.  Body armor is designed to fit snug to the body, making the opposite true – a vest that is too large will be uncomfortable and bothersome. Properly fitted body armor is a balance between coverage and protection; vital areas must be protected but care must be taken not to impair movement or breathing.

Concealable body armor carrier is designed with a VELCRO® brand fasteners that allows adjustability for proper fit and coverage. When donning the vest, check the straps on the shoulders to make sure the Velcro attachments from the back panels are in line with the matching VELCRO® brand fasteners sewn on the front of the vest; confirm that both shoulder straps are evenly matched. Detach all VELCRO® brand fasteners on the sides of the vest and put the vest over your head so it hangs from the shoulders. The collar of the front panel should be one inch below the notch at the top of the sternum (breast bone), called the jugular notch. If the vest needs to be raised or lowered, loosen and adjust one shoulder strap at a time until the vest hangs at the proper location and the VELCRO® brand fasteners are even on both sides. If the panels need adjustment it is generally easier to
adjust one strap at a time until the vest fits comfortably.

Once the wearer is comfortable with the fit of the vest at the chest and shoulders, the side straps can be secured. While standing, ensure the front and rear panels are centered on the body. Beginning with one side of the vest, pull the straps that are attached to the rear of the carrier forward while holding the front panel against the body so that the front panel remains centered. Pull the elastic strap around the front of the vest until the front and rear panels touch at the sides and attach the VELCRO® brand fastener to the front of the carrier. Do the same for the other side of the vest, ensuring there is no gap in coverage on the sides; if a vest is ordered with an overlap, the front panel should overlap the rear panel by that
distance. The vest should fit snug but not be too tight to prohibit breathing or movement. Shirt tails tuck into the officer’s pants to help keep the vest in position.

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After completing the fields below, you will be mailed a sizing kit with all the necessary instructions, forms and tools to complete the necessary measurements.  Included in the kit are male and female sizing forms, a copy of our 60-Day Fit Guarantee Policy and a cloth measuring tape. Should you need assistance, please contact GH Armor Systems Customer Service at (866) 920-5940 or