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Should soft armor panel dimensions be requested as part of your order, please complete the fields below. Prior to taking measurements, ensure that the panels are completely removed from the carrier and are laid evenly on a flat surface. Dimensions should be to the edge of the panel fiber lay-up and should not include excess cover material or seams that may overhang the edges.

External carriers manufactured for third-party panels based on panel dimensions are custom and non-returnable. Panel dimensions provide general guidance as to the shape of a panel, however, they do not infer the exact body dimensions of the person that was measured for the panels. While non-returnable, customers experience a high satisfaction rate for this custom process. GH Armor guarantees that the panels will fit inside the carrier but does not guarantee the carrier will be a perfect fit on the body as the custom carrier is made to fit the panels. This process deviates from the standard process whereby custom body measurements are taken at the time of order and each vest includes the GH Armor 60-Day Fit Guarantee.

Concealable carriers manufactured for third-party panels based on panel dimensions are not available.

If soft armor panels are female/structured or additional details are required to provide all relevant information, please note in the Comments field below.

Please contact GH Armor Customer Service at (866) 920-5940 or with any questions.

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